UGears Build And Paint Merry-go-Round


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Use whatever art materials you like to color this beautiful model: crayons, markers, watercolor, acrylic paint etc.

Suitable for an independent art project, but also excellent as a friends/family pastime, Ugears Merry Go Round has delicate contour lines of horse, bear and elephant on wooden parts to make painting easy.

The word “carousel” originates from Italian “carosello,” meaning “little war,” having a reference to a medieval game Turkish soldiers played on horseback. They would stand in a circle and throw a perfume-filled ball at one another, trying to keep it from bursting.
Later on English and German soldiers brought this concept home, but used it for training purposes of knights spearing their lances. So, the Europeans came up with a hand-pushed mechanism that had four saddles hanging from a cross, and young men aspiring to become knights would ride it to practice spearing a metal ring with their lances.

By the Victorian time hand-cranked and horse-driven carousels were built for amusement only, with highly artistic hand-carved wooden horses, and the use of steam and electric power, making such rides more fun. Spearing practice turned into a game in which one needed to grab a metal ring, and if the ring you grabbed was brass, you would win a free ride.

Ugears model is quite realistic: the figures of horse, bear and elephant are set on the rotating platform and it’s possible to roll your favorite animal, or examine how the carousel works and analyse the principle of its roller bearing’s operation.

Develops engineering skills, spatial thinking and fine motor skills.

Captures imagination for a long time.

Eco-friendly: is made of high quality wood, has a fragrant scent of wood and is pleasant to touch.

Assembles easily: all parts are already cut off and can be easily removed from the board.


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