Violet The Fairy Figure


Violet The Fairy Figure

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Violet the flower fairy was born when a tiny purple flower first opened its petals to the sun. Her wings symbolize her love for rainbows, for rainbows represent a mixture of sun and rain, the two elements upon which fairy life depends.

  • Characteristics: Violet’s namesake has tiny purple petals, and these petals she used to create her layered skirt. She adorns herself with roses, the royalty of the flower world, and her large, colorful wings remind her of the beauty of rainbows.
  • Size and Color: Violet stands 4 inches tall and displays a fabulous array of bright, vibrant colors. From her blue wingtips to her rose pink tunic to her green-ivy-wrapped shoes, Violet is in touch with the beauty around her.
  • Violet is part of the Fairy Fantasasies® collection.


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