Tesseract Cassette: Multimetal


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Comes with:

  • 288 Nickel 5mm Neoballs
  • 144 Sterling Silver 5mm  Neoballs
  • 144 Gunmetal 5mm Neoballs
  • 144 Gold 5mm  Neoballs
  • 144 Rose Gold 5mm Neoballs
  • Child Safe Case
  • Construction Guide
  • Card Tool


Bay waters shimmer // like melted metals mixing //gold and silver.

Haiku by Indetirmanit.




Holy cow, we've done it! 864 Neoballs spanning each five of our Electroplated options, encased in one child-resistant cassette. This is the ultimate starter pack for metal lovers. Enough of each plating to play around and build some cool mixed metal sculptures. There's even a guide inside to help you get started.


In terms of 18 ball hexagons, You'll find 16 hexagons of Nickel, and 8 hexagons each of Gunmetal, Sterling Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. We're practically mailing you a jewelry store. Magnets are more fun than jewelry because you can make them be whatever you want! 


Perhaps you're tired of buying 5mm magnets 18 at a time. With the Multimetal Tesseract, you already have a full-blown magnet collection. It's also an amazing gift for someone new to magnets! Oh, you've never played with magnet balls before? BAM! Now you're a full-blown alchemist. Friendship levels rise, as does your HP. Give the gift of Multimetal Neoballs and you level up. It's that easy.


Slightly susceptible to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion. Mostly just the Silver Neoballs.


Pretty great shape and size consistency of magnets. These magnets feature a variance of ± 0.02mm. The only magnets with a tighter tolerance are Zen Magnets.


Pretty great shielding against collision, scraping, hitting and dropping. The Nickels will be the strongest, but the Golds are soft with the possibility of getting scraped or dented.


Very good strength against rubbing, wiping, brushing, and kneading. Watch out for the Gunmetal balls though, they cannot handle too much rubbing.


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