Tesseract Cassette: Glow


Tesseract Cassette: Glow

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Comes with:

  • 864 Glow-In-The-Dark Neoballs (5mm) Magnet Spheres
  • Child Safe Case
  • Construction Guide
  • Card Tool
  • Regular ol’ case of insomnia


The grass sways & swoops // Like a magnet to the wind // It’s like it’s dancing.

Haiku by Unknown


Psychedelic spheres of saturated sunshine sculpt stunning semblances of celestial systems. That means these magnet spheres are glowy and trippy. For all your low-lit magnet fantasies, Glow-in-the-Dark Neoballs are the iridescent magnetic balls you've been dreaming of.

Build a beautiful aurora borealis in your own bedroom. Abstractify the aliens that abducted Elvis. Reconstruct radioactive rods of radiating radiation – with Glow-in-the-Dark NeoBalls!


Is the pesky dark of night preventing you from enjoying your Neoballs? We, too know the feeling of wanting to sculpt with magnet spheres, but making little progress in the seconds in which you’ll turn on your bedside lamp and furiously hypersculpt until your wife starts to stir, and then strobe it off, holding your breath, receding into stillness, waiting for the next safe moment to begin again.


This luminous green neodymium magnet ball has a solid opaque coating similar to White Neoballs. They emit a faint glow after a charge and react beautifully under a blacklight. They’re perfect for sculpting in low light– e.g. keeping yourself occupied in a cupboard while you wait for your letter from Hogwarts. And their soft contact sound assures your midnight magneting will go uninterrupted.


Coated rare earth magnets are not only bright and beautifully colored, but they also offer increased longevity, a warmer initial touch, and softer contact sound when connected. The color under normal light is deep grass, green with a matte finish.


Colors won’t fade with soft abrasion and if used gently, the coating can last for years. The matte texture diffuses reflections but is still slippery and smooth to the touch.

The polymer coating is stronger than any other polymer-coated neodymium magnetic balls on the market – except our own Electroplated neodymium balls. These polymer coatings are too precious to withstand high speed impacts, or rough kneading.

All Polymer Neoballs feature a ± 0.05mm tolerance.


Not susceptible to oxidation, rusting, tarnishing, and moisture erosion, this coating is very strong.


Okay shape and size consistency of magnets. The size variance of these magnets is ± 0.05mm. Currently, this is the tightest tolerance available for this style of magnet.


Some shielding to collision, scraping, hitting and dropping. These magnets will not withstand high speed impacts, collisions, or rough kneading without chipping or denting coating.



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