Mystical Fire


Mystical Fire

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Make your indoor or outdoor wood-burning fire transcend mere combustion to become a mystical mystery, a colorful conflagration that delights the eye with dancing light flitting and spitting forth all the colors of the rainbow!  Simply toss 3-5 unopended packets onto your fire and watch the flames transform!  A single pouch provides a spectrum of colors, including dark & light blues, purple, red, green, and yellow!  A must for camping with kids!  Makes an excellent stocking stuffer or party favor.


Turns any fire into a brilliant display of various colors
Works on indoor or outdoor fires
Toss 3-5 packets on the fire for best effect
Colors include dark/light blue, purple, red, green, and yellow
Note: Packets are sold individually.  The Manufacturer recommends you use 3-5 packets at a time for optimum effects.


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