Fun Food Combine & Dine Dinners (Blue)


Fun Food Dinners (Blue)

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Satisfy hungry imaginations with this 18-piece set of durable realistic play food! Kids three and older will make memorable make-believe meals with the solid, realistically detailed food pieces, while also learning about nutrition and the importance of making and eating balanced meals. Combine & Dine includes proteins (steak, veggie patty, chicken breast, shrimp), grains and starches (rice and beans, 2-part burger bun, sweet potato fires, baked potato), vegetables (peas, broccoli, corn on the cob), and desserts chocolate cake, 2 apple slices, chocolate chip cookie, ice cream cone), as well as a four-sided menu and information card. This playful food set lets young foodies create countless combinations to serve well-balanced fun!

18-piece play set of durable realistic play food with write-on reusable menu
Includes 4 proteins, 3 vegetables, 4 grains and starches, 4 desserts, and 4-sided, write-on menu
Solid plastic food pieces are realistically detailed
Perfect addition to pretend play kitchens, restaurants, and pantries


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