Fairy Tea Party Figures


Fairy Tea Party Figures

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Two flower fairies enjoy their afternoon tea among the tall trees. The table is rich with treats: warm tea and a fresh strawberry cake. Fairies are some of nature’s hardest-working creatures, but they do know when to stop and smell the flowers.

  • Characteristics: This lovely set includes two colorful flower fairies, their tea table, and two bright toadstools. It’s an idea decoration for a fairy tea party!
  • Size and Color:It’s hard to beat fairies for vivid, varied colors. The rainbow is on full display in this set, which comes on a 7 ½ inch wide by 4 ¼ inch deep platform. The fairies themselves are just under 4 inches tall.
  • The Fairy Fantasies® Tea Party Set is part of the Fairy Fantasies® collection.


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