Dragon Market


Dragon Market

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The royal wedding at Dragon’s Bay is set to commence in a few days time, so you have sent your eldest heir on a quest to gather gifts from the Dragon Market. This will be quite a fun adventure: running and jumping from boat to boat, collecting all the best treasures out from under the other families’ grasp!

In Dragon Market, players move river boats around the board in order to gather up the items they wish to present to the princess. On your turn, you will roll 2 dice and then make a number of moves equal to the dice result. Your options for moving are to either move your heir token, collecting any items you pass or to move a boat in straight line, or to rotate a boat 180 degrees. The first player to collect their items and return back to the start is the winner.

1 Board
10 Boats
4 Heirs
2 Dice
40 Merchandise Tokens
12 Coins
13 Red Objective Cards
10 Blue Objective Cards
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